Where do you wish to live?

Do you wish live in a community of nations where…

  •  people regardless of sex, ethnicity, age and abilities fulfill all their human rights ?
  • children are nourished, educated and nurtured ?
  •  girls are safe everywhere and no woman die of childbirth?
  • women are free from all forms of discrimination, exploitation and violence ?
  •  opportunities to fully develop one’s potentials are open and made accessible to everyone interested everywhere ?
  •  mothers, fathers, daughters and sons share parental and family responsibilities?
  •  both women and men freely practice their professions and vocations and lead happy and healthy lives?
  • the huge contribution of highly skilled overseas and local workers in nation- building are genuinely valued?
  • everyone – women and men, young and old, rich and poor are committed to do their best to safeguard the integrity of creation and are mindful of the future?

If the answers to all the questions is Yes, the next question is:

Are you willing and able to contribute your time, talents and resources to help make  these dreams a reality?


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