30 Adjectives About You

30 AdjectivesThis is your first assignment.

Your first writing assignment. Easy as you only have to write words not sentences. Just one word alone can spark beautiful feelings and memories of  incidents where that one word, a positive adjective that describes you was at work. What were you doing? Who was/were with you? How did you feel that time?

The purpose of this exercise, however, is not to recall the incidents and feelings. It is for you to conduct an inventory of your assets before embarking on your personal project. Your assets are the positive qualities and characteristics that you possess. Some of your assets were inherited while others were acquired along the way. The more mature we become, the more assets we accumulate.

Take stock of the real you by writing  thirty (30) adjectives about you. Only write the positive qualities because they are the ones that are useful to you. They are the   assets that are invisible to the eyes and  can be felt by the people you interact with. They are your possessions that cannot be taken away  except when  you decide to surrender them yourself. Who can take away your sincerity? your generosity? your zest for life?

I have done this exercise several times during some of the trainings I’ve  conducted especially with survivors of violence against women. It can be used as a game, an ice breaker, an activity in a structured learning exercise. It is beneficial to both women and men, young and old. Write 30 positive adjectives about you and it’s guaranteed to make your day.

It’s your turn to start inventory of your intangible  and priceless assets.  Grab a pen and paper. Do share your inventory with us by posting it on https://www.facebook.com/Womenchampiononline

Happy listing!


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