Let’s Do Paper Folding for Christmas

Let’s Do Paper Folding for Christmas

I have always been fascinated by Origami, the  art of paper folding.  We used to make boats , airplanes, flowers, drinking cups and frogs out of scratch papers when we were children. I remember my Lola who collected candy wrappers and silver papers to make them into curtains and flowers.

Practicing origami is a creative way of putting those colored glossy flyers and old gift wrappers into good use. It is a better way to utilize waiting time at airport and bus terminals the wi-fi is too slow or/and your ride is delayed. Just be prepared when children and the young at mind start to gather around you to get a tip or two on paper folding.

How about making Christmas decors out of used papers or wrappers as a project to decorate your school or home? It’s not only good for the eyes. It will also be good for the mind, soul and the earth.

Send us pictures of your paper folded Christmas decors. The most admired ones will receive a prize. More used papers to fold!



The classic starbox is folded from a preliminary base. But the one above I folded starting with the birdbase.

You may wish to view my other starbox models:

  • enhanced starbox
    a different starbox
    starbox basket
    classic starbox modified by point-splitting
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    2 thoughts on “Let’s Do Paper Folding for Christmas

    1. As leadership guru Robin Sharma and others have said, we were in a state of perfection at the instant we were born, “connected to the force that created the world”, and much of that state remains during our early childhood days. For me, origami is a way of reconnecting to our originally perfect nature, to that state of wholeness that is truly God-given. Origami designing in particular trains us to think of and discover possibilities within a given constraint, and even to think out of the box.

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