How Do You Use Your Gifts?


by Paulina Lawsin Nayra

Everyone has a gift. A priceless ever growing gift.

Few of us recognize the gifts that reside within us. We were conditioned  to  be content in our ordinariness as a nameless member of the labor force ,  routinely harassed by the economic demands  of our working class lives. We work, sell our labor to fulfill an obligation to our employers in exchange of dollars and cents to support our family. We’ve been turned into a commodity where our physical economic value  depreciates with age.

Conversely, we have abilities that appreciate as we age. They keep on growing when nurtured with positive experience. And the more we use them for the greater good, the richer and smarter we become.  I call them GIFT.  

What are your gifts?

It’s a gift when we are able to develop lasting friendships off and online; when we can comfort the sick, the lonely and the broken hearted. It’s a gift when we can express our thoughts and synthesize information clearly whether verbal or written.

It’s a gift when our words can inspire people to take positive action, to change for the better and  become bigger than themselves. It’s a gift when we can manage our time  and resources well and  share it with the community.

It’s a gift when we can  understand a novel concept or learn a new skill quickly or almost effortlessly and have the patience to let others  acquire the same. It’s a gift when for just being who we are, we can encourage  others to hold on to their dreams and  work steadfastly to achieve them.

Our list of  priceless gifts gets longer the moment we seriously ask ourselves. Some are more gifted than others. It’s alright. We have different  ways of expressing our abilities.

We don’t have to be extraordinarily talented or  a wealthy capitalist, a famous homemaking diva, a revolutionary techie,  a peace heroine or a saintly philantrophist to create an impact. Like the Parable of the Talents, we should use our gifts so that  they will multiply. Remember, the more we use them, the more we become better at what we do.

Tell us about your gifts.  How do you  use them?


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