Post Script: Cleaning Diva and New Year’s Resolutions

by Paulina Lawsin-Nayra

Move more! That’s one of my new year’s resolutions. Two simple words that gently prompts me to walk away from the computer and start moving around the house.

Aiming to have a dustless and orderly home like that of Chidet, the Cleaning Diva,  I hurriedly go around the rooms to pick up strewn clothes and things and put them in their proper place – hamper, cabinet or garbage bin. I then lug the hamper to the washing machine, add laundry detergent  and fabric conditioner, press 3 buttons and leave it till the machine play a few notes of classical music to signal that laundry is done.

While the machine is helping with the laundry, I make the rounds of the rooms to fix the beddings and   sweep the floor using a locally produced environment friendly soft broom. Then I dust the furniture and apply Tuff Protectant to the wooden surfaces and leatherettes to restore their color and sheen that has been lost with wear and tear.

Aside from cleaning the house, the quick steps are meant to serve as my 30 –minute brisk walking.  I initially thought that my “move more” resolve through cleaning is a simple no brainer routine. A few days produced quick and satisfying results topped with positive feedback from the husband who finds my presence at home reassuring.

The downside is I caught colds and cough due to exposure to dust. Or could it be because of the new routine? The Cleaning Diva should have posted a warning that says, “Don’t do this at home without the guidance of a professional”.

The picture of a clean home does not come without sacrifices. House cleaning is not a simple task after all. I’d rather speak before a crowd than perform the housework daily.

Ladies and gentlemen, to the people, the women who constantly toil to make our spaces clean, at home or in the workplace, whether paid or unpaid, thank you for making this unending, repetitive, multiple daily tasks a part of your mission.

P.S. I still have colds, cough and sore throat.


3 thoughts on “Post Script: Cleaning Diva and New Year’s Resolutions

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