Are you Maya, Celyn or Yolanda?

Girl, Women and Media: Are you Maya, Celyn or Yolanda?

by Paulina Lawsin Nayra


Life imitates art. There are three (3) women characters in the current telenovelas that stand out as positive role models for the modern Filipino women.  They are Maya, Celyn and Yolanda whose roles veer away from television’s portrayal of women as dependent and martyr girlfriend/wife, the manipulative and greedy mother in law or the needy wily mistress.

Maya2My favorite and the most famous among them is the character of Maya convincingly portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria. She typifies the girl from a small rural town who ventured into the city to pursue her dreams. To many Filipinos, acquiring a college education and getting a fulltime job is the surest way to improve one’s economic status and move up the social ladder. Maya who was a victim of illegal recruitment did not allow her frustration  to deter her dreams of becoming a flight attendant. She worked as a “yaya” or baby sitter on the condition that her employer will support her college education.

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I still believe that being poor is not a deterrent to acquiring an education. It is the lack of aspiration that prevents one from getting out of the poverty situation.

Like Sir Chief, there are people who are willing to support young people who are committed to chase their dreams. Besides, there are educational programs that can accommodate working students. In fact, the newly approved Magna Carta of Kasambahay  which amends portions of the Labor Code of the Philippines stipulates the right of kasambahay or household service workers to access education and training opportunities.  The Department of Education (DepEd) and the Technical Education & Skills Development Authority (TESDA) were tasked to  develop and implement alternative education and skills enhancement programs to upgrade the skills and qualifications of the kasambahay.

Are you like Maya who does not depend on her family for financial support and is willing to work hard in any decent job to fulfill her dreams?

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