Women and Media: Are You Celyn?

by Paulina Lawsin-Nayra


Photo of Kim Chu courtesy of http://www.starmometer.com

Are you like Maya who did not depend on her family for financial support and is willing to work hard in any decent job to fulfill her dreams? Or Celyn of Ina, Kapatid, Anak (mother, sister, daughter)?

Celyn is aptly played by Kim Chu who was exuberant when she was admitted to the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus. Who wouldn’t when passing the  UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) is like going through the eye of a needle.

Celyn is a promdi (colloquial term for from the province) who had her unwelcome share of the urban jungle upon her arrival in Manila.  Her hard-earned allowance was robbed that she had to find a job as a carenderia (small restaurant) helper so she can have free meals and a place to stay near the campus. It is not uncommon to find working students in UP even if one is “iskolar ng bayan” and may be receiving stipends or grant-in-aid. The university of the people is a great equalizer where the rich and poor mix and are graded for their wit, creativity, academic excellence and perhaps love of country.


Poster of Ina, Kapatid,Anak from http://www.theentertainmentlifestyle.com

The point is Celyn is the type of girl who does not hesitate to assert her principles in a respectful manner regardless of age, sex, and economic and social status. She exudes a certain power that stems from her belief in the equality of persons and the dignity of her working class background. She can carry a friendship with the opposite sex without being in a relationship.

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Sans the fashionable array of Memorata shoes, are you like the fair, strong and smart Celyn?

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