Women and Media: Do you Like Yolanda?


At last, Philippine primetime TV is giving the avid Filipino audience a positive role model of a mother-in-law in the person of  Yolanda  of the family drama Ina, Kapatid, Anak portrayed by the ever beautiful  Pilar Pilapil.

Yolanda’s character is a welcome departure from the stereotyped depiction of mothers-in-law  as scheming and manipulative women who will do everything to make life miserable to their in -laws.

As a loving mother, Yolanda do not choose among her children. She treats her daughters fairly even if they come from different fathers. Yolanda shows her objectivity and level headedness by candidly recognizing the best in her daughters, Beatrice and Theresa and tactfully pinpointing their mistakes. She also plays a doting and understanding grandmother to Celyn and Margaux .ina, kapatid

And best of all, Yolanda is an empowered woman who will not put up with the machinations of her rich husband Lucas. She clearly defined her boundaries by refusing to be wooed by expensive gifts and promises of reform from her husband.

The former beauty queen takes her responsibility as a messenger of change seriously. She carefully chooses her roles and have refused to play “contravida” characters in many instances. The role of Pilar Pilapil as Yolanda is a conscious decision to promote positive images of mother and womanhood in the Philipines.

Will you be a loving, fair and firm mother like Yolanda?

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One thought on “Women and Media: Do you Like Yolanda?

  1. Dunno about being like Yolanda… Now my son is all grown up, I asked him what it was like being raised in our family > HIs answer: “tough love- you were a master sergeant but I knew I was loved at end of day.”

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