How do you Exercise your Right to Rest?

Right to Rest

This was a great weekend in Boracay Island with fellow GAD advocate Lorena. How about you? How do you exercise your right to rest?

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


8 thoughts on “How do you Exercise your Right to Rest?

  1. What a swell place to claim your right to rest – Boracay, one of the best white beaches of the world…you deserved it. 🙂

    • Dukh ko kuro ke bhane afno ta chutti(DAY OFF) nai huianda shukrabar(FRIDAY) ko din ma.By the way, hardik badhai cha!!!Asha garchu aaune din haruma bhet ghat hunecha tapai haru sampurna LAFAA haru sit.PATTA MAGAR LAFAA’KO KA’AT CHA’ANING !!!

    • Your skin isn’t sensitive the henna they sueopspdly used doesnt really exist, they call it black henna when its really the chemical they use to dye hair black which isnt supposed to touch ur skin which is why hair dressers wear gloves and do not apply to scalp, google black henna dangerous and do some research its permanently damaging the sad thing is now u have to live with a bad experience because because u didnt know that only the brownish-orange or reddish is the only way to go its all natural and safe i didnt know they offered other colors until after i had two different times and someone posted they were dangerous but i got the original henna not black , just google and see the different explanations the chemical is PDD that scarred yall hope this helps and spread the word!!!! Henna is a beautiful thing when u know what ur doing and what questions to ask and the first one should be how long do i keep it on if they say an hour or less LEAVE IMMEDIATELY real henna should be left on 24hours but u will find all the info u need if u google!

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