How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Experience?

I cannot thank Mark enough for bringing together friends and family and keeping us constantly in contact with each other. Facebook is by far the most popular among the social network sites because of its accessibility to both young and old; its ability to generate immediate feedback from friends through likes and comments; and to reconnect people who are separated by time and space. It’s a great equalizing medium where members can express their views,  share their thoughts and promote their vision on the same amount of space at their own convenience.

Apart from knowing, connecting and being updated with our relatives, classmates, batch mates, schoolmates, work mates, playmates, colleagues, clients, friends and friends of our friends, Facebook  has allowed us to publish our positions on certain issues that matter to our personal, family and national life. Since it is election period in the Philippines, we can use social media to educate voters to select well and wisely. We are all change agents and social media is our vehicle today.

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How else can we maximize the use of social media? Share with us your experience.

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One thought on “How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Experience?

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