10 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Waiting Time Productive

Are you a mother, sister, grandmother or nanny who takes care of bringing the children to school daily? Are you a frequent traveler who spends at least two (2) hours in the terminal waiting for your ride? Do you regularly accompany people to doctor’s visit? Do you often wait?Image

Chances are, you are spending 2-4 hours chatting, texting, watching TV you can barely hear or just watching people during the waiting time.   If valued at minimum wage, that chunk of time can amount to P 228.00 daily if in the National Capital Region (NCR) or an average of P 3380 or $ 85 per month. This amount can already amortize a house and lot in a low cost government housing project.

Time moves faster than we think that we don’t notice we are wasting this precious resource at all.  Don’t you wish there’s a way to use the waiting time productively?

Here are ten (10) ideas to  use your waiting time joyfully and hopefully earn financial or psychological dividends later.

  1. Bring your business with you especially if you are hanging out with familiar people everyday. With a minimal capital, Violy sells prepaid loads  while waiting for her 7-year old girl at the school. Those who know turns to her whenever they run out of load.  No product to bring. All you need is your mobile phone.  So make friends with your “waiting” colleagues and make a quick survey on their preferred service provider.  Tell them that you have a reloader and before you know it, everyone will be your customer.
  2. Join a direct selling network that offers useful personal and home care products for daily use. Bring your brochure everyday. Your waiting companions can become your customer or recruit which will help you grow your network.
  3. Bring your hobby. My mother used to bring her crochet needle and a spool of thread and kept her hands busy while chatting. I even witnessed a cute guy cross stitching at the departure lounge at the airport. You can also string  beads to make necklaces or bracelets.
  4. Bring a pocket book. Self-improvement books are better than romance novels. You don’t want to be seen crying, smiling or drooling alone in public.  How about a handy recipe book.
  5. Solve a puzzle. Crossword puzzles or word search games is a great way to use your time and expand your vocabulary.
  6. Learn or improve your skills. Check if there are nearby training schools that offers skills training courses that interests you. Enroll if the schedule of classes  fit your waiting time.
  7. Make a list.  Bring a small notebook and a pen and draw your shopping list, guest list, potential customer list, contact list, expense list, idea list, to do list, wish list, bucket list and who knows what will come out of your lists. It’s a good way to jog your memory.
  8. Draw, sketch, doodle. Awaken that sleeping visual arts talent within you.
  9. Use your skill for fun or a fee.  Do you know how to read palms? Face? Is the place convenient to do manis and pedis? How bout foot reflexology?
  10. Be a keen observer of people. Listen to them. Read their minds. Imagine where they come from, how they grew up, what their dreams are, who they relate with. Build a story from what you’ve seen and heard. Write it and again, who knows where it might lead you.

There you go. If you choose any of these ideas, waiting will be fun. And you’ll never wait a day in your life.

P.S. What do you think of these ideas? Are they feasible?


3 thoughts on “10 Easy Things You Can Do to Make Waiting Time Productive

  1. Checked 3 items in your list which I do. For #10, I imagine stories of people I find interesting to observe but of course done unobtrusively or one becomes a stalker 🙂 Add to list of games in mobile phones: scrabble,sudoku and other brain/memory enhancing games for golden-agers like me. Also, while I take a 10-minute ride daily to and from the office I do a great energy boosting catnap. Am also a magnet for persons in despair, so even when I am waiting at the sidewalk, I would end up helping someone 🙂

    • You are right. The games apps on mobile phones makes waiting time enjoyable. Observing others and continuously thinking of what ifs makes our minds busy. We need to be conscious that our minds are not occupied by rubbish thoughts. Waiting time is a good time to clear our minds from useless thoughts. Just relax, stay in the now.

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