How can you make your organizations gender responsive?

We can show you how.

Honed by more than 20 years of experience in social development work, we have developed and delivered customized training courses for  non-government organizations (NGOs), local government units (LGUs) and regional government agencies based on agreed outcomes and methodologies in the areas of  organizational and development (OD), gender and development  (GAD) and project development (PD).

For more information, please send email to

Gender and Development

  1. Gender Sensitivity ++
  2. Gender Appraisal
  3. Gender Responsive and Results Based  Planning and Budgeting*
  4. Gender Responsive Comprehensive Development Planning*
  5. Linking Gender, Disaster Risk Reduction and Women Economic Empowerment
  6. Integrating Gender in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  7. GAD Code Formulation
  8. Formulation of GAD Code Implementing Rules and Regulations
  9. How to Conduct Gender Analysis
  10. Laws Affecting Women (CEDAW, Magna Carta, RA 7192, RA 9208, RA 9262)
  11. Violence Against Women and Children*

Other Trainings and Workshops

  1. Basic Organizational Development and Management
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Local Governance (PO-NGO participation)
  4. Advocacy Skills
  5. Project Development
  6. Leadership
  7. Team Building
  8. Community Organizing/Community Development
  9. Designing Training Program
  10. Organizing and Managing Training Program
  11. Module Development
  12. Training Management
  13. Trainers Training
  14. Facilitation Skills Training

*Adapted from the modules developed by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), Lihok Pilipina Foundation and Women Action Network for Development (WAND)

Contact us at or call (63-53) 323-8191


6 thoughts on “Trainings

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    • hi,magandang araw po ask ko lang po kung kelan po ba ang examination para po sa coemutpr ko po kasing kumuha para po maging isang passer na maging teacher ng comtech thanks po..sana po mareplyann nyo po ako location ko po ay sa laguna..salamat po ulit GOD BLESS .

      • Hi Dmitrii. Think you should contact the nearest TESDA Office or the Community Training and Employment Coordinator (CTEC) of your town/city so they can help you coordinate with TESDA for the assessment date.

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  3. I just want to ask Maam, if how can we, youths participate or maybe avail your projects or programs. Thank you and more power

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