What is that Voice Inside Trying to Tell You that Will Lead to Self-Realization?

What is it that you really want to do if money were not an issue? What is it that you love to do even if you don’t get paid for it?

Is there a task that bothers you, pokes you and begs for your attention? What is that voice inside trying to tell you?

Don’t panic. It is normal for thinking, reflecting person to experience this.  If you are not on drugs, then you are not hallucinating. It could lead you to self-realization when the thoughts are positive, invigorating and life-giving.


When we listen to the voice inside, we are   becoming sensitive to our passion. The call of our passion is not an emergency call. It is just a call lying there, left unanswered, waiting to be picked up. We ignore it with our built-in auto response mechanism that says, “ all lines are busy now, please try to call later”.  Why bother when we have lived our lives quite satisfactorily without paying attention to it?

The call could be a profession you wanted to pursue since you were a child or career goals, which you have shelved because you think you’re stuck in a job that is financially rewarding .

Could it be about a hobby you wish to seriously carry out when you are not too busy, when the kids are older, when you retire, or when you have more money?

Or could it be place you wish to visit or a person you want to meet again?

 It is a call to act on things that are closest to our hearts. It is a call to use our gifts and God-given abilities to create useful and enriching experiences for ourselves and our communities.

Like the call of nature, if you continue to disregard and take it for granted, it might just burst inside you, and poison you to the disadvantage of your physical, psychological and spiritual being. Will you wait for the time that your auto response will be “the number you dial is out of coverage area” or worse “not in service”?

Whatever it is, give it a chance. For whatever it’s worth, it is your call.

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PLN/March 29,2013/




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